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The Pretty Little Unicorn
The Pretty Little Unicorn

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PostSubject: Unity   October 6th 2007, 4:19 pm

This is a guild Of unity if you cant stand that or don't like that i cant say much to protect you so if your not into helping others or being a generally good person on the game all i can say is welcome to the /ignore list and gtfo of our guild
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Buns of Steel
Buns of Steel

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PostSubject: Well put   October 6th 2007, 5:43 pm

Well put Bubbles, theres plenty of other guild's for gear whores on this sever, we're going to be selective with our members, cause were in it for the Long haul! It's going to be a Honor to be a member of Yakuza not a right.
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PostSubject: Re: Unity   October 8th 2007, 7:32 pm

I say stricter policy is idiocy.

One warning, then the boot.

People who don't listen bring the team down.

If they're not on the team, they can't bring the team down.

Offering a warning gives them the opportunity to correct themselves.

But let's not be to tyrannical shall we?
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PostSubject: Re: Unity   October 19th 2007, 11:24 am

sry for my lack of attendance in the past week... been very busy, had to fix car and a few other... things :-P
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PostSubject: Re: Unity   

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