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 A general guide to Yakuza (subject to change)

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A general guide to Yakuza (subject to change) Empty
PostSubject: A general guide to Yakuza (subject to change)   A general guide to Yakuza (subject to change) Icon_minitimeOctober 5th 2007, 11:42 pm

Basic guild rules:

1. Treat each other with respect. If you have a problem, please work it out in tells. Fighting in IRC and OOC is a bad reflection on the guild as a whole.
2. All information in the memberís area is for members only! Mob spawn times, locations and strategies are a vital key in our progression.
3. Raids will be called by officers and raid leaders when there on; unless they elect someone else to do so. All members should try to attend. We know thereís other things going on in game (example Lodi up and you need drop, been waiting).Just please PM the raid caller so they know your busy doing something, they wont take your mob. Please feel free to PM them with your mob requests, or post on site so we know.
4. When the guild is slow and you group with others please donít give out mob info. This is where weíre going to have to trust one another, Please be fair to your fellow guilds. You can group with other guilds members and do things that are groupable ( no raiding with another guild unless Raid is called by a Yakuzaz officer). If this is too much for ya, please feel freee to join there guild. example- lodi (yes) craig beast (no)
5. If you have issues with another guild member work it out between you two, in tells
6. An excessive amount of drama will NOT be tolerated
7. You must be online frequently I will not have slackers coming on only when the loot THEY want will be dropping.
8. If ya leave don't plan on coming back! I feel that re-invites are a waste of time. I mean ya left for a reason, It's gonna take a good one for us to want you back?

Your leader,
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A general guide to Yakuza (subject to change)
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